Collection: Drive Upgrades

Luna Cycle offers a Sine Wave Controller that provides 25% increased power from the MX controller, 10% increase in top speed, smoother, more linear power band and plug-and-play installation (max 20 minutes). Shock Bikes offers a Stage 2 Power Upgrade Kit that includes ASI BAC8000 Controller Setup and specially tuned for SurRon 14.5kw Power, ASI plug and play Harness with custom made cable extensions to fit controller better on Frame, Custom made Mounting brackets for the BAC8000 and BMS bypass lead supplied on request if you are still using a stock 60v battery. Stag Motorcycles offers a power upgrade that bypasses the BMS limits. KO Technologies offers an upgrade motor for Sur-Ron that has been designed from scratch by their engineering team to be the best Sur-Ron upgrade motor available. offers BAC4000 SUR-RON POWER UPGRADE W/ DISPLAY AND HARNESS that includes ASI BAC4000 Controller set up and specially tuned for Sur Ron 7.5-8kw Power, 12kw Power tune for 60V Upgraded battery and 72V battery configuration, 60v Stock without bypass at 5,000w, 60v Stock w/ Bypass at 7,000w Plug-and-play Harness with custom-made cable extensions to better fit the controller on the frame